lol golf

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lol golf

Postby RCC: Act II » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:28 pm

I thought I managed to quit forever. Apparently a relapse.

My friend, who is really into it, stopped at a local golf store to pick up a $200 putter.

I bought a set of used wooden woods and a set of 1930 era irons with faux hickory shafts and a bullseye putter. Total cost: $90. Most of my clubs were stolen or sold long ago.

I found my old golf bag, and it had some balls in it. Also a receipt for my last round of golf. The date on it was exactly ten years ago that day.

I then went out and shot a 91 and beat my friend and his space age bullshit equipment by three strokes. Apparently my muscle memory is better than my actual memory. I then upgraded my irons to a set of 70s era Hogan blades. I then shot 81 and beat him by nine.

It bugged him.

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