The Vaguely Official Police Shooting Thread

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Re: The Vaguely Official Police Shooting Thread

Post by WildCat » Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:32 pm

Yesterday Chicago police shot and killed a gunman at 47th and Prairie. Nothing really unusual about it except the location for you movie buffs. The story here: ... story.html

In the video on the page at the 1:10 mark you see a pawn shop called "Shelly's Loan Exchange", with an old faded mural on the side and the 47th St. Green Line stop in the background. That mural was painted over 38 years ago for the Blues Brothers movie, and "Shelly's Loan Exchange" was "Ray's Music Exchange". Ray Charles sold the Blues Brothers a keyboard to a big song and dance routine seen here:

I just thought that was interesting! And it's amazing that mural still exists at all.
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