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Postby whitefork » Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:53 pm

It's a very old card game. I read about it years ago in Moonraker - M and Bond are playing it before the bridge game against Hugo Drax.
M. beckoned to a passing waiter. "Piquet cards, please, Tanner," he said.
The waiter went away and came back a moment later with the two thin packs. He stripped off the wrapping and placed them,
with two markers, on the table. He stood waiting.
"Bring me a whisky and soda," said M. "Sure you won't have anything?"
Bond looked at his watch. It was half-past six. "Could I have a dry Martini?" he said. "Made with Vodka. Large slice of
lemon peel."
"Rot-gut," commented M. briefly as the waiter went away. "Now I'll just take a pound or two off you and then we'll go and
have a look at the bridge. Our friend hasn't turned up yet."
For half an hour they played the game at which the expert player can nearly always win even with the cards running slightly
against him. At the end of the game Bond laughed and counted out three pound-notes.
"One of these days I'm going to take some trouble and really learn piquet," he said. "I've never won against you yet."
"It's all memory and knowing the odds," said M. with satisfaction.

I've liked cribbage and gin best as 2 handed games, but this one is really addictive.
If it's good enough for Nelson, it's quite good enough for me.

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